WHAT TO Avoid When Buying a Custom Rug

Buying a custom rug is an extremely personal decision, it permits you to express your taste and style and is the perfect opportunity to have that one furniture piece that ties together an area, or multiple rooms. However, when committing to something as significant as a bespoke piece of furniture you should get it right.

There are several considerations that needs to be taken into account when designing, or commissioning, your personal bespoke rug.

Firstly you should consider if you have something similar already out there. Existing designs are a safe way of obtaining a rug you know will work. I someone on the market is making a rug design the probabilities are that it works. Which begs the question if you need a custom rug to begin with. If there is a rug on the market in the proper size and colours then it is likely to be less expensive than having a rug made bespoke.

The cost increase for custom rugs is not basically the design process but the economies of scale involved in purchasing dyes, drafting up the design onto a computer, then onto a canvas for hand-tufting, or a rug ‘cartoon’ for hand-knotted rugs, and also small-scale shipping costs being substantially higher than large batch production. That being said, existing rugs are the most common source of inspiration for custom rugs – many custom rugs take an existing design and modify it slightly, or adapt the colours while keeping the pattern exactly the same, or simply alter the size to match. Of course some custom rugs could be more cost-effective than designer rugs giving a similar quality at less price-tag, the only real difference being having less a designer sticker underneath.

logo mats The next pitfall in order to avoid when commissioning a custom rug gets your design wrong in the beginning, changing elements of your rug after the manufacturing process has begun is probably not possible and if it is it may be costly. Easier to take longer at the design stage than realise you have made a mistake down the road.

Choosing design and colours could be a careful balance. An ultra-modern and patterned rug might be perfect for at this time but will it look right if you change your decor and if it does not, are you OK with that? Conversely, having a custom rug designed to have it bland may defeat the reason, so putting some thought into a design that you will love for years ahead helps to make it a higher value purchase. However, custom rugs don’t need to cost the earth and can often cost less than you’ll think, getting a quote and sending off some ideas of designs costs nothing. Find out costs and timeframes and take your decision from there.

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